5 Technology Inventions in 2020

Modern technology can be quite impressive some of the new invention can change our life. There are products are truly remarkable welcomes you to future technology. In this blog we will list down 5 Gadgets inventions in 2020 that you can buy now.

  1. CLIU

Cliu in time when face masks are becoming increasingly popular due to Corona virus.We have all likely been searching for an easier alternative to the classic masks that can be hot humid and uncomfortable to wear Cliu solves all of these problems for just 33 US dollars this is a face mask that has a clear filter media that can be easily seen through it’s also easier to talk through these masks and it will never fog when you breathe Cliu offers a new electronics based disinfectant system that can protect you from harmful bacteria and germs that may get you sick it can be recharged at the end of the day.The device disinfects itself like it charges the purpose behind this device is to solve the issue disposable masks by creating a mask that can electronically disinfect itself and keep the user safe there is a Pro model of Cliu that offers built-in Bluetooth functionality as well as you can speak to your electronic devices with ease this mask is remarkably simple and it will be ready to going about 1 hour 8.

  • free to breathe deeply
  • free to communicate clearly
  • free to show your special smile
  • free to express yourself
  • free to fascinate people around you.

  1. Blaze Pod

Blaze Pod blaze pod is an incredibly interesting device that helps you train at home rather than worry with going to a gym for exercise the pods come with a phone app that can be used to teach the user many different training exercises many of these workouts will work your entire body rather than small portions of it all you need to do is choose a workout from the app then arrange the pods in the order that the app instructs you to after that start your workout the app helps train your reflexes while working your entire body these are various activities to choose from and each of them offers benefits over another you could choose workouts that work best for you your body and your lifestyle without having to worry with expensive gym memberships a Blaze Pod kit costs just $399 from the company website and comes with six pods six straps six suction cups and a charging base.

  1. Corohook

Corohook is advice that was created specifically to help fight infection from Kovid-19 while this is not a medical device and should not be used as such it may help in defending you from the virus by keeping your hands far away from any electronics door handles or keypads you may need to touch still you should practice all the guidelines that have been implemented by CDC and who and continue to wash and sanitize as often as possible this product was just launched on Kick starter and is a multi-tool device that can help keep you from touching potentially infected surfaces throughout your day it is made with an antimicrobial plastic so it is resistant to many different types of infections bacteria and viruses. The Korohook can help you turn on lights witches flush toilets open doors check your phone or hold your keys the possibilities are endless this is a truly all-in-one solution to having to touch everyday items in public.

  1. Chiller

Chiller is a brand new technology that has just recently made its way on to the market it is currently in the prototype phase and the company is raising funds on Indigo to helpful their idea and product model this is a device that uses induction cooling to keep your beverages ice-cold on a warm summer’s day the thermometric high power refrigerator is packed into as small coaster that can be used with various drink containers all you need to do is plug the coaster in and turn on the chiller and your drinks will be cold in no time the company hasn’t mentioned how long it may take to cool a drink

  1. HPRT

Wireless printing is growing industry for many years. HPRT is provides you wireless printing solution which can be stored inside you briefcase or purse. This printer is bar shaped and sure small and light weight. This printer can be connected to any smart phones using supplied app you can import documents to your app and send for printer thru Bluetooth and then printer will print your documents with lightning speed using thermal printing technology. There printer is no ink and never requires refill and maintenance.